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My Ethical Perspective Essay Example For Students

My Ethical Perspective Essay Committing suicide, abortion and school violence- these are just a few headachy problems that school along with society are currently dealing with. However, the question here is: â€Å"Are they morally correct? Being at the age of a high school student and working in the student council, I already have and will surely further have difficulty involving with this challenging question. I was always curious and interested in the difference between ethics and morals. When I was making decision, there had been several aspects and sources helping me to figure out why I did that, it sometimes was from my family, or religion, even situation. We will write a custom essay on My Ethical Perspective specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now In my opinion, I believe that I don’t really make moral decision and form values within a culture that affects me as well as formed system of thinking that I have developed for years. As the book, â€Å"Moral of the Story†, explains the origin and the arising question of what is moral, committing suicide is one of the issues that I have already faced. Through secondary and now high school, I usually was told and read about the phenomenon of students themselves dying recklessly. When I was at 11th grade, I saw a boy jumping out from the fourth floor, because of the pressure of study that his parents expected from him. It saddens me to think that one could possibly want to choose death over life and I still don’t quite understand it. For me, it is a foolish and moral action. The shortest definition I’ve heard, is that morals are how you treat people you know and ethics are how you treat people you don’t know. So who is the one knowing best about you but yourself ? Morals define personal character, while ethics stress a social system in which those morals are applied. In my country, studying extra classes is somehow an unquestionable thing to do. The way we merely learnt daily from school couldn’t meet the demands of teachers and capability to deal with the graduated tests and entrance tests to universities. It then becomes a big trend when parents long for their children to enter a â€Å"good and â€Å"acceptable† college without knowing whether it is suitable for them or not. Due to those expectations, students force themselves to work harder with a hope to achieve what they wanted but not everyone can stand against the pressure. There are many parents getting mad at school which student council is a part of because of what happened to their children. Personally, all I can do is to pray that god has made his plan for them, I really don’t want to hold responsibility for the death of students. Another issue in student council that I may encounter is abortion. Working in the student council, it is not seldom that we have to deal with couples of students making love secretly at school and receive the same answer when they were asked for the solution if the girl got pregnant. People argue whether it is morally right to take a life in case of rape, lack of knowledge, or if the mother cannot take care of the baby and even doesn’t want it. Even though it is legal to abort, I still believe that it is morally wrong. It is evil. According to chapter 1 in the book â€Å"The moral of story†, evil is the self serving choice that individuals make freely, even when they know full well the moral law they should be following or to say briefly, it is just a matter of selfishness and pride. A life is still a life, whatever the condition and situation is. It will be a lie to say that parents are unable to take care of the baby. Is it true that we can not do that but we choose not to ? Being eighteen years old as a student who is still feeling strange with the way life goes, I still hope that I don’t ever face that situation and that stolid answer from any others. My wish is that god will bless and show them the light and the truth. In reviewing my personal ethics, the fact that students fight and bully each other upsets me. 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At that time, questioning and struggling are unavoidable. They question themselves if it was right or wrong or what is the right way to live ? It is easy for us to judge others’ action but confronting and judging ourselves are a really difficult task. Students then are influenced by negative things which later makes their character change. There are some arguments for the things happening due to racism, family, environment, social status. However, we still need to mention about the sinful nature of human. The bad things happening nowadays are just nourishment for the nature to grow more negatively. Besides selfishness, humans desires power and want to rule. Time still goes but there will be nothing change if we don’t deal with the root of the problems. What can students gain when they fight and violate their friends ? Is it just a matter of having fun when seeing others suffering? In my point of view, I do believe that if we have courage to face with the problems, we can deal and succeed completely. The choices are ours to decide, we do often have stronger motivation for decision making, however, should we consider the right and wrong aspect first before deciding what we are going to do ? Committing suicide, abortion and school violence are just some of the issues that will challenge me with morally in my student life . Nevertheless, I do not find these issues to be morally correct, I am sure that I may have to under make decisions that conflict with my moral status and these will not influence my ethical perspective.

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The Harrapan Civilization Essays - Indus Valley Civilisation

The Harrapan Civilization The Harrapan Civilization The Indus Valley, or Harrapan, civilization was discovered in 1920-21 when engraved seals were discovered near present-day Sahiwal in Pakistani Punjab at a place called Harappa. Excavations at Mohenjodaro in Sind discovered the buried remains of a civilization with a pictographic script. The Harappans first settled sites along the Indus River. This civilization extended to the Yamuna along the bed of the river Ghaggar in Rajhastan, Gujrat and up to the mouths of the rivers Narbada and Tapati. The Harappan culture extended from the Indus Valley through northeastern Afghanistan, on into Turkestan. Most of the major sites of this civilization are in Pakistan. In fact it is in Pakistan that an earlier phase of it has also been unearthed. This happened between 1955-57 when a Pakistani archaeologist, F.A.Khan, discovered a town of the pre-Indus period 3300 to 2800 BC at Kot Diji in Khairpur, Sind. Such sites were also discovered by Rafique Mughal in Bahawalpur, in the Cholistan desert, extending the area of this culture to the whole of southern Pakistan. The first appearance of this civilization was the early Harappan/Ravi Phase. This Ravi Phase, named after the nearby Ravi River, lasted from approximately 3300 BC, or even 3500 BC, to 2800 BC. This phase is related to the Hakra Phase, identified in the Ghaggar-Hakra river valley to the west, and predates the Kot Diji Phase (2800 -2600 BC), named after a site in northern Sindh near Mohenjo-daro. Increasing knowledge of the Ravi and Kot Diji Phase occupations at Harappa, and of contemporary settlements throughout northwestern South Asia, permits glimpses of later Indus Civilization. Some of the most exciting discoveries in Ravi Phase levels have been of early writing. The origins of the Indus script-like signs dates from 3300-2800 BC. This would make the origins of writing in South Asia approximately the same time as in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Indus Valley civilization is traditionally broken down into three more Harrapan Phase, from 2600 to 1900 BC, a Harrapan transitional period, 1900 to 1700 BC, and the late Harrapan period, 1700 to 1300 BC. Archaeological and linguistic evidence indicates that the Dravidians were the founders of the Harappan culture. The Harappan civilization was twice the size the Old Kingdom of Egypt. They had trade relations with Mesopotamia, Iran, and the Central Asian peoples. The Mature Harappan civilization is divided into two cultures, the Sorath Harappan and the Sindhi Harappan. The Sindhi Harappan sites are sites characterized by elaborate architecture, fired brick construction, sewage systems and stamp seals. The Sorath Harappan sites lack stamp seals, ornaments and elaborate architecture. The Harappans were organized into chiefdoms, averaging between two and five acres. The Harappans were sedentary-pastoral people organized into various trades, such as, sailor-fishermen, smiths, merchants and farmers. The Harappans also possessed the social technology of writing seals. The Harappans were find engineers and craftsmen. They cultivated wheat, barley and millet. The Harappans had a highly developed grain storage system. They built large cities with complex drain systems under the streets of some of their cities. The Dravidians/Harrapans built the first major port in Lothol. Lothal was situated at the head of the Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat. Here archaeologists have found large warehouses ready to hold goods for export. Due to changes in the environment of the Indus Valley, much of the area became more arid. This led to many Harappans migrating out of the Indus Valley into India, to settle sites in Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana and other parts of western Uttar Pradesh between 1700-1000 B.C. It was in Gujarat, that the Harappans probably first came in contact with the Aryans. The Harrapan civilization fell with the arrival of the Aryan race. Anthropology

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Definition of Clipping in Linguistics

Definition of Clipping in Linguistics In morphology, clipping is the process of forming a new word by dropping one or more syllables from a polysyllabic word, such as cellphone  from cellular phone.  In other words, clipping refers to part of a word that serves  for  the whole, such as  ad  and  phone from advertisement and telephone,  respectively.  The term is also known as a  clipped form, clipped word, shortening, and truncation. A clipped form generally has the same denotative meaning as the word it comes from, but its regarded as more colloquial and informal. Clipping also makes it easier to spell and write many words. For example, a clipped form may replace the original word in everyday usage- such as the use of  piano in place of pianoforte. Examples and Observations Some of the most common products of clipping are names- Liz, Ron, Rob, and Sue, which are shortened forms of  Elizabeth, Ronald, Robert, and Susan,  say  W. OGrady, J. Archibald, M. Aronoff, and J. Rees-Miller in their text  Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction. They note that clipping is especially popular in the speech of students, where it has yielded forms like prof for professor, phys-ed for physical education, and  poli-sci for political science. However, many clipped forms have also been accepted in general usage: doc, ad, auto, lab, sub, porn, demo, and condo. The authors add that: A more recent example of this sort that has become part of general English vocabulary is fax, from facsimile (meaning exact copy or reproduction). Other examples of clipped forms in English include biz, caps, celebs, deli, exam, flu, gator, hippo, hood, info, intro, lab, limo, mayo, max, perm, photo, ref, reps, rhino, sax, stats, temp, thru, tux, ump, veep, and vet. Clipping Basics As noted, clipped words form through a social process, such as students preferring to use shortened forms of common terms, as noted in Contemporary Linguistics. The same kind of social forces lead to the creation of clipped words in other English-speaking countries such as Britain, notes David Crystal in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language. There are also several clippings which retain material from more than one part of the word, such as maths (UK), gents, and specs....Several clipped forms also show adaptation, such as fries (from french fried potatoes), Betty (from Elizabeth), and Bill (from William). Clipped words are not  abbreviations,  contractions, or  diminutives. True, an  abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. But abbreviations often end with a period, such as  Jan.  for  January, and are clearly understood to be stand-ins for the full term.  A contraction is a word or phrase- such as thats, a form of  that has- that has been shortened by dropping one or more letters. In writing, an apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters.  A  diminutive is a word form or  suffix  that indicates smallness,  such as  doggie  for  dog  and  Tommie  for  Thomas.   Types of Clipping There are several types of clipping, including  final, initial, and complex. Final clipping, also called  apocope, is just what the term implies: clipping or cutting off the last syllable or syllables of a word to form the clipped term, such as  info  for information and gas for gasoline. Initial clipping, also called apheresis, is  the clipping of the initial part of the beginning of the word,  also called  fore-clipping, notes the Journal of English Lexicology.  Examples of fore-clipping include  bot  for  robot  and  chute  for parachute. Complex clipping, as the name implies, is more involved. It is the shortening of a compound word by preserving and combining its initial parts (or first syllables), says Examples include: Sci-fi for  science  fictionSitcom for  situation  comedyGrandma for grandmotherPerm for permanent waveShrink for head  shrinker As you see, clipped words are not always respectful terms. Indeed, some great literary figures vigorously opposed them, such as Jonathan Swift, who made his feelings clear in the tellingly named A Proposal for Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the English Tongue, published in 1712. He saw clipping as a symptom of barbaric social forces that had to be tamped down: This perpetual Disposition to shorten our Words, by retrenching the Vowels, is nothing else but a tendency to lapse into the Barbarity of those Northern Nations from whom we are descended, and whose Languages labour all under the same Defect. So, the next time you hear or use a clipped word, do so knowing that it is considered acceptable in English but remember that these shortened terms have a long and somewhat controversial history.

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Dispelling the One-Page Resume Myth

Dispelling the One-Page Resume Myth Do You Believe the One-Page Resume Myth? I’ve been thinking about the one-page resume myth a lot lately, since it’s college, law school, and business school admissions season. Business school admissions clients have approached me asking if they need to have a one-page resume. My answer is always, â€Å"Read the instructions. Read the fine print.† Some business schools do request a one-page resume as part of their application. If they do, you must deliver. I took one client’s one-and-a-half-page resume and shrank it to one page so he could use it for his business school applications. The formatting tricks I employed did not include shrinking the font size or obliterating any white space on the resume. In general, however, there is no rule that a resume should be only one page. There are many instances when a two- or even three-page resume is not only appropriate, it’s expected. Yet the one-page resume myth persists. Job seekers are being misled that recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals won’t read a resume that is longer than one page. That’s simply not true. You Need a Longer Resume! It IS true that a recruiter or hiring manager will read your resume for just seconds when it is first screened. But this first review is only to determine if you are a match for the position. If you are considered a serious candidate, your resume will be read again. If you believe an HR professional won’t read a two-page resume, consider the resume screening process. The screener’s boss is asking him or her to come up with a handful of people to interview. If you try to condense 5-10 years of experience to fit an artificial one-page limit, your resume will not include sufficient information for the HR person to make an informed decision. Given a choice between a well-written two-page resume or a crammed one-page resume which omits notable accomplishments, the HR professional is likely to choose the longer one. If you submit a two-page resume, the worst that can happen is that the reader decides you’re not a match for the job. But if you do seem to fit the job requirements, that person will want to know even more about you. A well-organized two-page resume can actually make it easier for the screener to determine if you’re a good match for the position. Variations on the One-Page Resume Myth There is a specific myth circulating that if you apply for a job at Google, you need a one-page resume. This myth has been debunked by people with hiring power at Google itself, including Laszlo Bock, Senior VP, who believes that you need one page for every ten years of work experience. And since many applicants to Google are fairly new graduates or even students applying for internships, the 1-page guideline often applies. Some recruiters are vocal about their desire for a one-page resume. The great thing about recruiters, though, is that they’ll tell you what you want and you can always create a one-page resume from a longer one. Keep in mind, however, that recruiters are responsible for less than 25% of job placements, and not all recruiters even subscribe to the one-page limit. College Students and One-Page Resumes College professors also share some of the blame for perpetuating the one-page resume myth. Some professors - who have no connection to the employment world - believe â€Å"their way† is the right way to do things. They provide a template to their students and require advisees to use that format, even if the person is a non-traditional student who has an extensive work history or career path that sets them apart from other job candidates with similar educational backgrounds. While it is unusual for most 21-year-olds to need a two-page resume, some accomplished graduates have enough experience to warrant exceeding one page. When I worked with a Cornell student who was applying for jobs in finance, I quickly discovered that she had more information than I wanted to squeeze onto on one page. We gave her a 2-page resume, and she got a sought-after position at Burger King. She is now a Retail Channels Senior Analyst at UPS – and she got there with a 2-page resume. Online Resumes Resumes submitted online are less likely to be affected by the one-page resume myth. Resumes uploaded to company websites aren’t affected by page limits. And since approximately 30 percent of resumes are only stored electronically, the screener never even knows it’s more than one page. The Long and the Short of Resume Length Length does matter. Your resume should be exactly as long as necessary to communicate what the reader needs to know †¦ and not one word more. When hiring managers and HR professionals are surveyed about resume length, the majority express a preference for resumes that are one OR two pages. The general consensus is â€Å"as long as needed to convey the applicant’s qualifications.† Here are some guidelines for deciding resume length: If your resume spills over onto a second page for only a few lines, it’s worth editing. Try shortening your bullets, or adjust the font, margins, and/or line spacing to fit it onto one page. Don’t bury key information on the second page. If the first page doesn’t hook the reader, he or she isn’t even going to make it to the second page. Don’t be afraid to go beyond two pages if your experience warrants it. Senior executives often require three- or four-page resumes. So do many physicians, lawyers, and professors who might be using a â€Å"CV† in lieu of a resume. Traditional college students and those with five years or less of experience can often fit their resumes onto one page. Most others can (and should) use one page OR two, unless specifically instructed by a school or company. Make sure that everything you include - regardless of length - is relevant to your job target! Don’t make your resume unnecessarily long with less relevant material. Are you looking for help to create a one-page, two-page, or even three-page resume? Need some input on how long your resume should be? The Essay Expert offers hourly and full-service resume services, or get started with  a 15-minute live resume review. A version of this article appears in Executive Secretary Magazine, a global training publication and must read for any administrative professional. You can get a 30% discount on an individual subscription when you subscribe through us. Email  and tell them we sent you.

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Making Ethical Decisions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Making Ethical Decisions - Essay Example What is the problem? The problem faced by the manager is to determine if it is indeed the best option to fire the employee based on absenteeism and customer complaints versus the employee’s possession of personal virtues of honesty and not stealing. 2. What are your alternatives? The alternative courses of action are: (1) fire the employee; (2) give the employee a warning or reprimand depending on the number of absences and customer complaints; (3) consult the company’s code of discipline that should guide the decision-maker on appropriate courses of action depending on violations of company policies; (4) do nothing. 3. What are the effects of each alternative? Firing the employee without just cause will subject the manager under legal complaints for violating labor laws, especially if the employee is a permanent employee. Giving the employee a warning or reprimand, depending on the number of absences or customer complaints would make the employee aware that management does not tolerate his inefficiency in his working behavior. This would also give the employee a chance to improve his performance. Consulting the company’s code of discipline would ensure that the employee knows the penalties for his absences and the manager would implement the option depending on what company policies state. Finally, by doing nothing, the employee would not have the chance to improve on his working performance. 4.

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Algerian Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Algerian Government - Essay Example In fact, the president is so powerful that the government can be defined by merely one man. Similarly, the country has a bicameral legislation that is composed of elected delegates who also serve 5 year terms. As compared with the government structure of the United States, there are many differences. Firstly, the President of the United States although head of the military does not share the same authoritarian power structure that the president of Algeria has. Similarly, the elections in the United States are mostly fair and free; not as the case with Algeria (Ruedy 8). Although Algeria has one of the highest standards of living in the continent of Africa, the country still does not have the basic freedoms that democratic systems take for granted. Algeria is ranked very poorly with respect to human rights abuses as well as overall freedom of the press (Suer 5). Because of this and the authoritarian structure of its government, Algeria is not a form of government that many might necessarily chose to live

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George Bush Speech Analysis Essay Example for Free

George Bush Speech Analysis Essay George Bush begins the speech with a solemn address and informs the people of America about the tragic events that unfolded. The aim of this speech was to reassure the public that they are now safe and the perpetrators will be brought to justice. The use of inclusive pronouns, such as ‘we’ and ‘our’, is just one of the ways in which he builds a sense of unity and togetherness with the audience. He makes it feel like he is equal to them and shares their pain and will help them through their struggles. In the second paragraph, Bush begins on talking about the severity of the attacks. He speaks about the variety of people that died, ‘the victims were on the airplanes, or in their offices-secretaries, businessmen and women, military and federal workers, moms and dads.’ As well as the victims in the plane, he includes the hard-working office workers and the devoted federal workers who lost their lives trying to save others. He ends the line with ‘moms and dads’ and ‘friends and neighbours’, trying to get empathy from the audience that little children have lost their parents and ordinary people have lost their close friends. Later on, George Bush then gives a sense of hope to the nation. He says that the attacks demonstrate the strength of the country and says America is the ‘brightest beacon for freedom’ and that the attacks ‘cannot touch the foundation of America’. George Bush then tries to take a little credit in the emergency response by using the words ‘I implemented’ so that the people still support him as a president. Bush then reassures the public by saying that he will ‘take every precaution to protect our citizens’. He goes on to show the stability of the financial institution and economy. President Bush then expresses his gratitude to the workers and congressmen who joined him strongly in condemning these acts. He talks about the other world leaders who offered their condolences by thanking them dearly. The tragedy of 9/11 was an awakening for America. George W. Bush effectively used the emotions of a saddened country and was able to win over the hearts of many Americans. The rhetorical devices and inclusive pronouns he included in his speech create a definite feeling of reassurance with the general public.